mémento d’anglais #13

Verbes + « -ing »

Hi guys!

Petit point de grammaire : une liste de verbes suivis de « -ing ».

to admit (admettre, avouer, confesser)

I admit doing this wasn’t the best idea.


to appreciate (être reconnaissant, apprécier, comprendre)

You appreciate being an important part of the team.


to avoid (éviter)

Can you avoid shouting?


to consider (envisager, considérer)

He considers moving to UK.


to deny (nier, démentir, refuser)

She denied having ever been to the park on Saturday.


to endure (endurer, résister)

We endured bullying at school.


to enjoy (apprécier, aimer)

You enjoyed going to the theme park.


to feel like (avoir l’impression de)

They feel like being sick.


to finish (finir, terminer)

I finished reading this book.


to give up (abansonner, arrêter, renoncer)

You gave up studying.


can’t help (ne pas pouvoir s’empêcher de)

He can’t help dancing when he hears this song.


to imagine (imaginer)

She imagined dressing like a princess would be fun.


to keep (garder, conserver)

Just keep swimming!


to keep on (continuer à)

We keep on playing.


to mind (déranger)

Do you mind closing the window?


to practice (s’entraîner, s’exercer)

They practice dribbling for their next match.


to put off (reporter)

I put off visiting my friends.


to resist (résister)

You resist eating a chocolate cake.


to rise (monter, augmenter)

(je n’ai pas trouvé d’exemple)


can’t stand (ne pas supporter)

She can’t stand watching horror movies.


to suggest (suggérer, insinuer)

He suggests staying where they are.




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